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The Capitola Junior Lifeguard program is a very active, physically challenging, competitive program which provides instruction in the basic fundamentals of ocean water safety, first aid, lifesaving, fitness, and good sportsmanship. Junior Guards are required to swim or be involved in ocean-oriented activities every day, so they must be comfortable swimming in the ocean before enrolling in the program. Activities include open water swimming, paddle boarding, body surfing, surfing, races, mock rescues, beach & water games, calisthenics and work-outs, and competitions. Program fees include instruction, official t-shirt and patch, and may include discounts with local merchants.

Swim Test: Junior Guards are required to swim or be involved in ocean-oriented activities every day, so they must be comfortable swimming in the ocean before enrolling in the program. All Junior Guards (ages 9 & up) will be required to pass a swim test on the first day of the program; they must be able to swim 100 yards (about 4 lengths of a pool) in under 2:30 minutes without help and be able to tread water for at least 5 minutes. Little Guards (ages 6-8) must be comfortable in the ocean, in being submerged in water and able to tread water. Swim lessons prior to enrolling in the program are highly recommended. Junior Guards who are unable to pass the swim test will be dropped from the program.

U19 (Under 19): This designation replaces the Captains Corps. This work-training program for Guards ages 16-18 includes guidelines and instruction to prepare participants to be future Junior Lifeguard Instructors. Tower time and a commitment of at least 2 hours per week assisting with the afternoon Little Guards and C Division is required. You must have participated in Junior Lifeguards for at least 2 years to be eligible. The program is offered at a reduced rate:
All participants: $150 per session; $287 all summer.

2016 DATES

Session 1: June 13 - July 15 (no program on July 4)
Session 2: July 18 - August 12

2016 Competition dates:
Seacliff: June 22 (Little Guards) & June 23 (Jr. Guards)
Capitola: July 6 (Little Guards) & July 7 (Jr. Guards)
Santa Cruz: August 3 (Little Guards) & August 4 (Jr. Guards)
Regionals (Huntington Beach): July 22


Price for Session 1:
Resident: $278 (A “resident” is anyone residing within the boundaries of the City of Capitola and the Soquel Union Elementary School District.)
Non-Resident: $315
USLA Membership Fee:  $10 (required for all Jr. Guards 9 years & older)

Price For Session 2:
Resident: $220 (A “resident” is anyone residing within the boundaries of the City of Capitola and the Soquel Union Elementary School District.)
Non-Resident: $252
USLA Membership Fee:  $10 (required for all Jr. Guards 9 years & older, if not paid in Session 1)

Group Photo (if desired, this is a professional photo of the entire group):
Session 1: $12
Session 2: $12

Junior Guard Program Scholarships: It is our expectation that the Junior Lifeguard Parents Club and the Capitola Public Safety and Community Service Foundation will be offering a limited number of scholarships for the 2016 Junior Lifeguard program. The link for the instructions regarding applying and the application is located at the bottom of this page. The deadline for applying is March 4th, 2016 for either Session.




Please realize that the recreation department has to arrange staffing, supplies and equipment needs for the entire summer at the beginning of the summer; refunds can have a significant impact on the program and staff. Please be sure your child wants to attend before signing him or her up, especially for both sessions. Please review the refund policies outlined below before registering:

  • There is a $50 fee for refunds given prior to May 27 for Session 1 and July 1 for Session 2.
  • A refund, less 50% of the fees, will be given if requested May 31 – June 14 for Session 1 and July 5 – July 19 for Session 2 (this is the 2 weeks prior to the start of the program and through the second day of the program).
  • After the second day of the program, no refunds will be given.
  • Student injuries that occur outside of but during the program that preclude the student’s continuation in the program will be given a pro-rated refund based upon the remaining number of days in the program, including the date of injury. You may be required to provide documentation regarding an injury.
  • There is no refund of fees for students who are suspended or removed from the program for disciplinary reasons.



#2301.400 U19, All Summer 16-18 years Monday - Friday 9am - Noon
#2302.401 U19, 1st Session Only 16-18 years Monday - Friday 9am - Noon
#2303.401 Group A 14-15 years Monday - Friday 9am- Noon
#2304.401 **FULL** Group B 12-13 years Monday - Friday 9am - Noon
#2305.401 **FULL** Comp C+ 11 yrs  11 years Monday - Friday 9 am - Noon
#2306.401 **FULL** Little Guards 6-8 years Monday - Friday 9am - Noon



#2307.401 **FULL** Group C 9-11 years Monday - Friday 1-4 pm
#2308.401 **FULL** Little Guards  6 years Monday - Friday 1-4 pm
#2309.401 **FULL** Little Guards 7 years Monday - Friday 1-4 pm
#2310.401 Little Guards 8 years Monday - Friday 1-4 pm




U19, 2nd Session OnlyGroup AGroup B

#2302.402 **FULL** Group B 16-18 years Monday - Friday 9 am - Noon
#2303.402 **FULL** Group B 14-15 years Monday - Friday 9 am - Noon
#2304.402 **FULL** Group B 12-13 years Monday - Friday 9 am - Noon
#2305.402 **FULL** Group C 9-11 years Monday - Friday 9 am - Noon
#2306.402 **FULL** Little Guards 6-8 years Monday - Friday 9 am - Noon



Group CLittle GuardsLittle Guards

#2307.402 **FULL** Group B 9-11 years Monday - Friday 1-4 pm
#2308.402 **FULL** Group B 6 years Monday - Friday 1-4 pm
#2309.402 **FULL** Group B 7 years Monday - Friday 1-4 pm
#2310.402 **FULL** Little Guards 8 years Monday - Friday 1-4 pm




Priority Returning Junior Guards from 2015, registration March 28-30, 2016

All NEW Guards Registration opens March 31, 2016

This letter is to inform you that registration for Capitola Junior Lifeguards this year will be online only; there will be no in-person or mail-in registration accepted at the recreation office.

• Priority registration for returning Guards will be March 28-30. Priority registration will begin at 7:00 am on Monday morning, March 28, and end at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, March 30.

Make sure that you go over the following steps to ensure you have an account and the account is working correctly. Any problems with your account may result in not being able to register your child for the Capitola Junior Lifeguard program, or in losing priority status. It will be very difficult or impossible for the recreation office to provide assistance if problems are encountered during the registration process.

• In preparation for this change in the registration process, you will need to have an online account.

• If you registered in person or over the phone through our office in the past that does NOT mean you have an online account. You ONLY have an online account if you have created one for enrollment in classes through the online registration site.

Please check as soon as possible, as once your account is set, our office has to perform a function so your child is recognized as a returning Guard. We must do this in advance of registration on March 28.

• To set up an account, or to check the details in your account, go to the Capitola Recreation online ActiveNet registration program here: • If you have never created an online account, please do so now. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can register using a smart phone or there are computers at the libraries or some local coffee shops.

• If you have an account, make sure your account is up-to-date. If you have trouble accessing it, call our office at 831-475-5935 or email us at

• If you know your address will be different this summer than what we have on file, please contact us at 831-475-5935 or email us at to change it for you. The system does not allow you to make that change yourself.

• Please provide the system with either an email address or a cell phone number. Further communications through the ActiveNet system will be through email or text.

• Registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

• Returning Guards have priority registration.

They must registered in the group according to their age as of July 1st. 

• The initial online registration period will be for returning Guards only. Unfortunately, the system will not allow you to enroll new Guard siblings during this time. You will have to register that new Guard during the new Guard registration period starting March 31 at 7:00 am.

Scholarships: If you have received a scholarship for the program, please call our office prior to March 25 at 831-475-5935 for instructions on enrolling.

Jr. Guards also participating in Camp Capitola: Get enrolled in Jr. Guards first! Camp enrollment and Transport will be done the same way as it has been in the past for this summer – that is, you will need to fill out the paper forms and turn them in to our office with payment. You can pay for Camp and Transport closer to the start of Camp, and you can pay as you go with Camp, too. For more information, visit our Camp page at:

• Give us a call or email us if you have any questions. You can also check information and updates on our website at and on our facebook page at


JG Red Bathing Suits

All Jr. Guards should wear red sport bathing suits that are appropriate for running and competing on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Boys should wear board shorts and girls should wear one-piece suits or two-piece competition suits. A few local places to check include O'Neill Surf Shop (on 41st. Avenue), Free To Ride (in Capitola Village), Play It Again Sports (in Soquel), and other surf shops. If you mention that you are buying a suit for your child who is enrolled in Junior Guards, you may receive a discount.

Junior Guards Sweats, Water Bottles, Accessories

The Junior Lifeguard Parents Club is a non-profit organization that supports the Junior Lifeguard program and raises money for program and college scholarships for Junior Guard athletes. The Club sells the JG sweatshirts, sweatpants, beach towels water bottles and other items; these will be available through the recreation office at Jade Street Park and the first 2 days of each session at the beach. Payment can be made with cash or a check made out to: "Junior Guards Parents Club." To find out more about the Parents Club, visit their website, or contact Kim Carlton the President of the Parents Club at

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